Embraer, Brazil

Embraer, based in Brazil, is one of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers, employing approximately 19,000 staff worldwide. Their original CAM system was purchased in the late 1990's to drive both their CNC routers and a Lectra conveyor knife cutter. The CAM software company ceased trading, so Embraer set about evaluating several systems.

After a detailed research of the market, they finally benchmarked five systems. Commented Fernando Araújo, Manufacturing Engineer; 'Of the five systems tested, two could not generate better nests than our existing system. JETCAM's nests were by far and away the most efficient. Besides this, when we approached JETCAM we felt that they had an open approach to our further requirements.' Fernando finished by saying; 'We don't yet have full performance data on the routers, but the savings achieved within the composite manufacturing cells alone paid for the entire JETCAM investment in under a year. Coupled with FFHPN and RCP, JETCAM is alone in its field for material optimization and a high level of automation. It is a complete set of tools for a complex task.'

Benefits Acheived:

  • JETCAM was the most efficient from the 5 systems benchmarked for both composite cutting and sheet metal fabrication
  • Single CAM system supporting routing and composite cutting
  • Save 6 hours per day programming time on composite parts due to RCP automation
  • 4% reduction in material on composite cutting
  • Can now create both dynamic and static nests
  • Can now perform Mosaic nesting, which was done outside of previous CAM system and saves an hour a day
  • Received several software updates under maintenance, each with major benefits

Machines in use

  • Trumpf BFZ 3000 Router
  • Creneau CNC Router
  • Lectra Vector 2500 conveyer knife cutter